Good Company

My name is Joe and I work as a painter and decorator in the City of London. Despite the recession the company I work for has managed to keep the work coming in for us. Myself and three co-workers are currently re-decorating the office of a Nottingham escort agency. The office is on the eleventh floor of a high-rise office block which means that we have had to bring all of our tools and materials up in the trades lift. When this job is finished we will be moving to another set of offices somewhere else in London.  Hopefully they will be on the ground floor.

Each job we are given has a designated time limit to it and one of the secrets to our company’s success is that we all work hard to make sure that each job is finished either before or on time. The other reason is that we all seem to get on very well together. We help each other when one is behind schedule and we all do our fair share of the work. If something isn’t going to plan we are there to get things back on track and never blame one individual for any mistakes that are made.

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First Time Buyer

I just bought my very first house last month and I have to say it is not what it is cracked up to be. Within just a few weeks of moving in my plumbing went and so didn’t my hot water heater. Life was so much easier when I had a landlord to do all of my home repairs. Luckily for me I do have a fuck buddy Birmingham that happens to be a carpenter. I am crossing my fingers that he will help me fix everything when he comes over this weekend so that way I do not have to pay out of pocket for a professional. The only time I ever start to miss my ex husband is when stuff like this happens. Never do I miss him for his kindness or personality, just home repairs. That may make me sound a little rude but honesty is what people look for now a days right?

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Pizza Parlor

I am thirty years old holding a decent job and still attending college part time. My schedule this semester is pretty easy, I only have to go on Tuesday and Thursday nights for my classes. Last week we had to partner up with someone, I was late for class so I got stuck with this younger guy that I wanna fuck. I have been checking him out since the first day that I saw him.

For the most part I am not looking for a relationship, I just want to have fun on my days off of work. He gave me his number during Thursdays class and we are supposed to go out next weekend. I can pick anywhere that I want to go and it is his treat! I am going to be nice and take it easy on the cash he is spending and we are going to go to the local pizza parlor for dinner.

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Watch My Back

I am very careful when I select my new fuck buddy, I have had a bad experience with one gentleman in the past. It all started out great, then I noticed that he was starting to get feelings for me. He didn’t like being rejected and it seemed like every time I turned around, he was stalking me.

One evening, I was laying in bed reading a book and I caught him peeking in the window at me. I’ve replaced several flat tires on my SUV, I suspect that it was him because I never had that problem in the past. Myself and co-workers have seen him driving in my work parking lot, probably to see if I was at work.

Eventually, it took about six months and it seemed to calm down a lot. I always watch my back because I don’t know if he is going to start coming around again.

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Tough business times

Just started a new business and then the economy started to struggle. However one thing that the company learned was that they needed to have a strong online presence during these times. The best way to get a strong online presence is through having someone on the team that knows adult SEO. This persons whole job is to sit down and create great keywords that will throw the page out to many. Many business have been able to thrive duirng these hard times based on their internet presence. Once the right person has been found for the job make sure to sit down with them and explain to them what type of presence the company needs online so that they understand the importance behind their job. If this is followed through and the employee is able to get the business seen on the internet thourgh great search engines then the business should have know time itself making it through this rough time.

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Torn Between Two

For the last couple of months I have had two fuck buddies which is not normal for me. I did not tell either one of them because I do not want to have to explain myself, I should not have to anyways as far as I am concerned.

My first buddy that I meet with often has been around for about five years and he is always available for me. We have done a lot together from going on vacations to just kicking back and watching movies at one of our houses.

The second buddy, I just met a couple weeks ago and we were attracted to each other when our eyes first made contact with each other. He is very romantic, good-looking and has a great body. He is a personal trainer and lives a pretty healthy life style and said that he will help me lose weight and change my horrible eating habits.

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My First Event

I am throwing a party at my house this weekend and I have invited a bunch of friends and a few ladies from Leeds escorts. The party will start around 10 pm and end around 1 am. So far I have a couple of caterers to help me out with the organization of food and drinks. This is the first time I’ve ever put together an event like this so I hope everything will work out just how I have planned it. I can’t wait for everybody to show up and see what exactly I have done. I’m going to decorate my entire house in a specific theme, but I have not decided on a particular one yet. I am going to need all the luck in the world to get everything done on time and be ready for the party.

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